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Autonoleggio retrò - wine tour & tour truffle hunting experience

Would you like to travel enjoying evocative landscapes without too many worries?

Pou could enjoy colours and fragrances of our hills among vineyards, ancient castles, reminiscent villages and ancient cellars with all the comfort.

Yvete ou’ve organised a pleasant evening with your friends or a business meeting that will end with a dinner with wine tasting and you don’t want to risk penalty points on your driving licence?

Autonoleggio Retrò proposes the solution you are looking for! Our car hire with driver service is aimed at all needs to travel: tourism, work and free time.

Tell us your destination and relax forgetting stress of traffic, the worry of parking and the nervousness of driving in a city you don’t know.

If instead you want to enjoy the pleasure of driving a Vintage Cabrio, there’s no problem: you can rent a car without driver, but whit the certainty to have a discreet trained staff for the whole duration of the experience.

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